Our synthetic duvets are recommended for people with allergies, bringing you volume, comfort and lightness. They are machine-washable and easy to take care of. The insulating and thermal properties of the duvets are measured according to weight per m² (g/m²).

There are a large number of features depending on the quality of the outer fabric or the grammage (weight) of the filling material.

Duvet fabric:

Its quality is important for preventing the loss of the synthetic fibres. The weave density of the material varies according to the number of threads per inch.

We make our duvet fabric in the following materials:

  • 100% cotton: superior, percale or cotton satin
  • Different combinations of cotton and polyester: superior polycotton or percale
  • 100% polyester microfibre fabric


The grammage of a duvet measures its warmth capacities. We recommend 150 g/m² for a summer duvet and between 250 g/m² and 450 g/m² for a winter duvet.
The wadding material we use is made up of 100% carded polyester fibres. The more air contained in the fibres, the lighter the duvet, while also maintaining all its insulating quality. Some fibres are coated in silicone to give them a feel similar to natural duvets.


The main aim of stitching is to keep the duvet filling in its outer bag and to distribute heat evenly.
We have a whole host of stitching designs in varying sizes, with adapted stitch sizes and flawless outlines.
Our “double lock-stitch” system guarantees exceptional longevity to the stitching on each duvet.


The duvet should overhang each side of the bed by 20 to 50 cm to guarantee air will not be let in.
Our duvets come in all the standard sizes:
Single beds: 150/220 – 150/240 – 180/220 – 180/240 cm
Double beds: 200/220 – 200/240 – 220/240 – 230/240 – 260/240 cm
We can also make a customised duvet as part of a special order.


The traditional white duvet is increasingly making way for a coloured version, and we are now making synthetic duvets with printed patterns or plain colours, with colours ranging from traditional to highly contemporary colours and with different fabric compositions: a printed pattern on one side and a plain colour on the other, or both sides with plain colours or a printed pattern.