Natural pillows have a longer lifespan than synthetic pillows.

The higher the percentage of down, the more flexible, supple and softer the pillow will be, while providing good volume. Our pillows have an exceptional level of duck down: 90 % down and 10% feathers, making you feel like you are sleeping on a cushion of air, and providing you with ideal heat-regulation (ideal levels of warmth in winter, while staying cool in summer).


Our duck down is a new, non-recycled product, and has been carefully washed, dusted and naturally sterilised with steam in accordance with the European standards EN12934.


The pillow envelope is made of top-quality percale with 233 threads per square inch, and is highly resistant and soft.

The finish is with double-stitched tobacco-brown piping.

Sizes available: 50/70 and 60/60 cm.