A well-balanced blend of duck down and feathers with a weight of 1550g/m² for perfect volume, our natural mattress toppers make your bed softer and more comfortable, for a real cocooning sensation. It softens a firmer mattress and will help keep you warm you feel the cold…

The envelope is made of top-quality percale with 233 threads to the square inch, and is highly resistant and soft.

The filling is with new (non-recycled) duck down and feathers, carefully washed, dusted and naturally sterilised with steam in line with the European standards EN12934.

The stitching is in straight square sections to keep the filling snug and tight.

The finish is with double-stitched tobacco-brown piping.

Our natural mattress topper is designed with stretch skirting including four resistant elasticated straps at the corners so it won’t slip off the mattress.

It is available in the following sizes: 90/200 – 140/200 – 160/200 – 180/200 and 200/200 cm.