To make the decoration of your bedrooms more personal, we offer a wide range of plain colours in two main materials: pure cotton, for its elegant and comfortable aspects, and polycotton, for its practicality.

With our plain-colour bed linen, you can multiply the possible combinations! Choose a bed linen set with natural colours to create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere (ecru, grege, tobacco brown, pearl grey, etc.). Select a brighter colour for more energy (coral, green anise, fuchsia, hot pink, etc.). Opt for tender tones for a romantic or feminine bedroom (beige, sky blue, aqua, pale yellow, etc.) or on the contrary more intense colours for a softer decor (blue marine, claret, plum, chocolate, black, etc.).


In our workshops, we ensure that each stage in the manufacturing process is optimised to bring you top-quality plain-colour bed linen sets. We have chosen an optimal fabric-dyeing procedure so that our collections have perfect finishes and our colours are set fast in the fibres for many years to come. So the colour you have chosen will not fade even after repeated washes.


Adult collection:

Our double bed linen matches all atmospheres – relaxing, modern or vintage.
We are continually renewing our collections to offer you new striped and chequered patterns, with flowers or geometric shapes… We keep an eye on fashion and keep up with trends so you can adorn your bed exactly as you please. Whether you prefer a refined, timeless, romantic, baroque or resolutely modern decoration, our collections for adults are available in 100% cotton, polycotton and 100% polyester.


Teenage collection:

Our collections of bed linen for teenagers are sure to please: bright or pastel colours, urban patterns, graphic prints, flowers, stars, landscapes… We design bed linen for girls and boys using 100% cotton, polycotton and 100% polyester.


Children’s collection:

To match the universe of children and toddlers, our bed linen includes a very wide range of designs. Boys and girls can enjoy very modern duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases with animals, hearts and flower designs. We try to take into account all their likes and interests so that they will love going to bed! Our collections for children are on offer in 100% cotton, polycotton or 100% polyester.

Baby collection:

Decorating the baby’s bedroom is a symbolic moment for future parents. Choosing good quality bed linen that is adapted to a baby’s skin is just as essential. At Couvre Well, we have decided to make no compromises on either of these aspects. We can help you create a comfortable cocoon in and around your baby’s bed. The baby will sleep on a soft and comfortable mattress with our mattress protectors and sheets. Our bed skirts and bed linen sets provide made-to-measure decoration in harmony with the bedroom. Our duvets, duvet covers and pillow cases will provide a gentle setting for your baby waking up. Make the most of our baby bed linen collections to stock up on gift ideas. Our baby bed linen is 100% cotton to protect the sensitive skin of little boys and girls.