Using our quilting frames, we can provide an infinite number of stitched designs for widths of up to 300 cm. Using cutting-edge German technology, our machines can be fully programmed for designs up to 360°…
You select the quality and weight for the filling, the stitch design and size, and we will deliver the strictly checked rolls of material.
Our strengths:
With state-of-the-art professional equipment and a team of passionate specialists, we have a large production capacity based on a countless number of patterns, impeccable computer-controlled designs and a double lock-stitch system, with custom work also available.


Imagining, designing and making made-to-measure household linen is a vital part of our skills. We produce articles with specific characteristics and special measurements with scrupulous respect for your specifications.

Custom work

If you decide to provide us with the complete or partial raw materials, we can manufacture the product for you: cutting, manufacturing, quilting, ironing, folding, and packaging.


To meet all your sales strategy requirements, we will be happy to guarantee you exclusivity on your collections - models and patterns - in return for regular orders on the articles made in our workshops.


Our embroidering capacities are endless; we can embroider logos and messages in any size and colour.


We can make and pack your house linen with your own brand or with your customer's, according to your specific folding and packaging requirements.

Following your order

You will always have direct control of the decision-making process in following your order, guaranteeing results in line with your requirements: respecting or bringing forward the deadline, making changes during production, shipping methods, etc.

A wide network of partners

We have a vast network of professional partners in diverse sectors to complete your orders at the best prices: tapestry, mattresses, carpets, etc.

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