100% cotton:

There is no doubt that cotton is the most widely used natural plant fibre for making bed linen. Why? Because it is ideal in all seasons. In summer or winter, it is soft and comfortable, and is also long-lasting. At Couvre Well, we use three kinds of cotton material:

Cotton satin:

The epitome of a noble fabric and 100% natural, cotton satin is famous for its extreme softness, making it highly appreciated at bedtime. Its silky touch combines a satin feel on the outside and matt on the inside. With its great finesse, it can be ranked among the top-quality fabrics – its closely woven fabric (over 300 threads per square inch) with premium cotton threads is the proof of it.
Our range includes plain-colour cotton satin, traditional Jacquard fabric or original patterns, as well as white and pastel colours.


Cotton percale:

Percale is very soft to the touch, thanks to very closely woven fabric (over 200 threads per square inch). It also has a highly aesthetic matt aspect, is long-lasting and easy to iron. It is comfortable and resistant over time, and people love the cool sensation it gives to fabrics. Our household linen is available in white cotton percale.

Superior cotton:

Our superior cotton provides suppleness and softness for perfectly long-lasting fabrics with high resistance to wear. These qualities are made possible due to the closely woven fabric (155 threads per square inch) and combed cotton fibres. We optimise the performance of this fabric by using three successive processes: singeing, mercerising and calendering. As a result, the fabric will not pill or shrink, even after repeated intensive washes. Our superior cotton comes in no less than 30 different colours, as well as a whole host of printed patterns.


Polycotton blends cotton and polyester to produce household linen that is both practical and comfortable. Associating the two materials results in a long-lasting fabric with ideal qualities for everyday purposes: thanks to the polyester fibres, polycotton fabrics dry quickly, crease less and are easier to iron.

Our range includes two kinds of polycotton:

Polycotton percale:

Polycotton percale results from a very closely woven fabric (over 200 threads per square inch). The fabric is highly resistant to washing, and is widely used in hotels and hospitals.
It is available in white.

Superior polycotton:

Superior polycotton has the advantage of being easy to clean with good resistance to wear. It is available in 18 plain colours or with patterns (several different printed designs to choose from).


Polyester is a fabric that creases very little and dries very quickly. Another advantage is that its quality is more limited than the previously mentioned fabrics, so it is widely affordable.
Our polyester comes in a range of different printed patterns.

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