Our foam pillows are all anti-mite, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial.

They are made of memory foam manufactured in Italy using the latest technological innovations for maximum comfort and a lifespan of over 15 years. This foam is made without glue and is CFC-free.

Our pillows support the top of the spine, relax the muscles in the neck and and improve blood circulation.

Some contain micro-cushions improving air flow and evacuating humidity.

For the utmost hygiene, each foam pillow is delivered in a double protective washable sleeve, enclosed with a zip.

We offer four kinds of foam pillows:

oreiller en mousse

Supple pillows without micro-cushions for softer results 67/42/14 cm

oreiller mousse

Breathable pillows with micro-cushions 67/42/14 cm

oreiller en mousse

Freshness pillows with micro-cushions and a heat-regulating layer for a continual cool sensation 72/42/13.8 cm

oreiller en mousse

Cervical pillows with larger and smaller neck supports 70/40/H2 to maintain alignment between spine and the head; two curves support the back of the neck and a hollow area supports the head.