Memory foam has visco-elastic properties and was originally invented for astronauts. It is indisputably the type of material providing the best support.

Our foam is manufactured in Italy using the latest technological innovations for maximum comfort and a lifespan of over 15 years. This foam is made without glue and is CFC-free.

Mattress toppers provide great sleeping comfort because your muscles are supported, allowing the body to relax more easily, and removing all pressure areas, especially around the hips, back and shoulders.

It is ideal for giving softness to a mattress that is too firm or a new lease of life to an older mattress.

6 cm thick, our mattress toppers come with a washable, zipped cover with nonslip sides.

For perfect fitting to your mattress, it is designed with stretch skirting with four resistant elasticated straps at the corners.

All our mattress toppers are anti-mite, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial.

Available in the following sizes: 90/200 – 100/200 – 120/200 – 140/200 -160/200 – 180/200 – 200/200 cm.