For professionals:

For hotels, hospitals and other organisations, our bathroom linen is made of pure cotton with optimal absorption capacity due to exceptionally dense and regular woven pile.

Our bathroom linen collections can be chosen with or without edging patterns and in different sizes:

  • Bath towels (minimum 500g/m²): 100/150, 90/140, 70/130 cm
  • Hand towels (minimum 500g/m²): 30/30, 30/50, 50/90 cm, etc.
  • Bath towels (minimum 750g/m²): 50/70 cm, etc.
  • Bathrobes (minimum 400g/m²): L, XL, etc.

As an option, we can embroider your logo in the size and colour of your choice to customise your bathroom linen.

For individual customers:

From guest towels to large bath towels via kimonos, our bathroom linen guarantees excellent absorption and lasting use.
With our range of colours and patterns you can choose your bathroom linen exactly to match your needs.

We can also embroider or print the fabric on your bathroom linen. Perfect for making attractive and personalised gift packs!